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New RF Power Amplfiers from Teseq

Teseq Holding AG Acquires IFI, Further Expanding Its RF Amplifier Capabilities

Acquisition expands Teseq’s model range from an upper limit of 6 GHz to an upper limit of 40 GHz

Zug, Switzerland, October  2012 – Teseq Holding AG, a leading developer and provider of instrumentation and systems for EMC emission and immunity testing, has acquired New York-based Instruments for Industry (IFI), a leading designer and manufacturer of solid state and traveling wave tube (TWT) amplifiers.  The acquisition expands Teseq’s model range from an upper limit of 6 GHz up to an upper limit of 40 GHz and power levels from an upper limit of 1 kW to an upper limit of 10 kW.

By uniting the industry leading capabilities of IFI with those of the recently acquired MILMEGA, Teseq has broadened its product line in the RF amplifier market, offering its customers the very best solutions in a wide variety of commercial, industrial automotive, military, defense and communication applications.

Johannes Schmid, President of the Teseq Group, said, “With the acquisition of IFI, Teseq continues to build on its vision of providing the best in testing solutions on a worldwide basis.  Acquiring IFI so soon after MILMEGA demonstrates our commitment to an ongoing strategy of being a forward thinking leader and dominant supplier of RF power amplifiers to the worldwide market.”

Schmid continued, “As a US-based manufacturer, IFI enables Teseq to offer an increase in services to our growing customer base.  IFI brings to Teseq the latest in GaN and LDMOS Class AB solid state technology and the knowledge to manufacture TWT amplifiers, as well as its strong relationships within the defense and military markets.”

Established in 1953, IFI is a leading supplier of high power RF and microwave amplifiers using both solid state and TWT technologies.  The company boasts a broad range of products, including low, medium and high power amplifiers that are successfully used in applications worldwide.  

Mike Yantz,  Executive Vice President of IFI, said, “Becoming part of the growing Teseq family allows us to offer our customers a complete RF product range as well as additional expertise in engineering that was not available before.  We are now able to offer the best in global sales, support and EMC expertise, which will prove beneficial to our end users.” 

Teseq will incorporate IFI’s New York location with the Teseq Group as a fourth competency center joining Luterbach, Switzerland; Berlin, Germany and Ryde, Isle of Wight, UK.  IFI will work in close cooperation with MILMEGA/Teseq on the Isle of Wight.  The primary focus of the combined organizations will be on TWTs, class A and AB technology and customer specific models for the general amplifier and military markets.

The IFI brand remains the same, while the company’s product range will be harmonized with the ones of Teseq and MILMEGA and offered in a new price list valid as of January 1st, 2013.


Teseq now offers an RF power amplifier series (CBA B-series) with power levels up to 3 kW and a broadband range of 10 kHz to 6 GHz. The CBA B-series is ideal for radiated and conducted RF EMC immunity testing in the commercial, automotive, aerospace and military markets.

CBA B-series

With a smaller package design and more funtions and features than the older CBA series, these new RF power amplifiers offer a much higher power density that saves critical lab space and also reduces cost. 

The cost-effective CBA B-series features input power protection to prevent damage to input devices from accidental overdrive, a touch screen color display for immediate clear information on forward and reverse power plus amplifier status, as well as a forward power coupled output that eliminates the need for an external coupler, making the system easier to use. This power amplifier series also features a whisper mode that controls fan speed in order to keep the audio noise level at a minimum for current ambient conditions.

USB, Ethernet, GPIB, RS232 and TTL interface come standard for data control and feedback.

Technical Specifications

  • Power levels up to 3 kW
  • Braodband range of 10 kHz to 6 GHz
  • USB, Ethernet, GPIB, RS 232 and TTL interface come standard
  • Compact package design

Teledyne-LeCroy Product overviews:

SPMI Decode (compatible with both the WaveSurfer 10 and HDO4000 series of scopes)

The MIPI System Power Management Interface (SPMI) decoder provides a fast and easy way to understand and correlate SPMI bus traffic to DC power rails and power management IC (PMIC) operations in mobile, handheld, and battery-powered embedded systems.

      • Intuitive, color-coded decode overlays
      • Serial pattern search of decoded data
      • Interactive protocol decode table
      • Simultaneous operation with three other decoders (four total) at one time
      • Full SPMI command sequence support
      • Multi-master, multi-slave capable
      • Full arbitration sequence support
      • Support for all sequences with pauses

RP4030 Active Voltage Rail Probe (compatible with both the WaveSurfer 10 and HDO4000  series of scopes)

The RP4030 is designed specifically to probe a 50Ω DC power/voltage rail.  The RP4030 acquires a low-impedance, low-voltage DC power/voltage rail signal with minimal loading the device under test (DUT), while providing high offset to allow DC power/voltage rail signal displayed with high gain It also meets the requirements for testing embedded power management systems for:

      • Power integrity
      • Digital power management IC (PMIC)
      • Voltage regulator module (VMR)
      • Point-of-load (POL) switching regulator
      • Low-dropout regulator (LDO) testing

HVFO103 High Voltage Fiber Optic Probe (compatible with both the WaveSurfer 10and HDO4000 series of scopes)

The HVFO is an affordable, optimally designed probe for measuring small signals floating on an High Voltage bus in power electronics designs or for EMC, EFT, ESD, and RF immunity testing sensor monitoring.  It far surpasses the measurement capabilities and signal fidelity of both conventional HV differential probes and acquisition systems that rely on galvanic high voltage isolation.  It mitigates the need to rely on dangerous test setups that require floating the oscilloscope and probe.  Primary applications include:

      • Upper-side gate drive signal measurements
      • Floating control signal or sensor voltage measurements
      • EMC, EFT, ESD, and RF immunity testing and system optimization
      • Any small signal measurements with high common-mode voltage


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